The Vancouver Anti-Corruption Institute

The Vancouver Anti-Corruption Institute is dedicated to the advancement of the Rule of Law in Canada and abroad, with an emphasis on anti-corruption and anti-money laundering efforts.


The Vancouver Anti-Corruption Institute

Corruption is anathema to the Rule of Law and attacks the very core of societies. The Vancouver  Anti-Corruption Institute (VACI) is dedicated to fighting corruption by fostering awareness of the tremendous damage which corruption inflicts in countries around the world.

The Institute is focused on education, research, training, and helping international organizations, governments and communities develop strategies to counter corruption in all its forms. Through our work, we hope to make a difference by supporting domestic and international efforts to strengthen public institutions and rid countries of corruption.

The Institute is the first of its kind in Canada. Situated in Vancouver, a large, multi-cultural city with close ties west and south, the Institute focuses its work on Asia and the Americas. It does so in collaboration with the International Centre for Criminal Law Reform, a program network institute of the UNODC.

We encourage you to join us in our work.

To learn more about VACI and its latest updates, read the VACI Introduction here.

Dr. Peter German, Q.C.

Dr. Peter German, KC, PhD

President, ICCLR

Chair, The Vancouver Anti-Corruption Institute (VACI) Advisory Committee

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