Areas of Focus

ICCLR Associates are leaders in many areas of criminal law reform in Canada and around the world. In 2019 ICCLR confirmed its dedication to developing cutting edge research and project work in 6 pressing areas of focus.


Corruption drains trillions of dollars from the world economy every year in the form of bribes, tax evasion and money laundering. ICCLR Associates have significantly contributed to the state of anti-corruption efforts in Canada and internationally. Projects to promote, implement and evaluate the progress of the UN Convention Against Corruption are key to ICCLR’s approach in this area.

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Cybercrimes such as online child exploitation, identity theft, fraud and hate speech are on the rise. ICCLR’s anti-cybercrime initiatives are centred around existing and future cybercrime treaties including the current negotiations by Member States of the United Nations towards a global treaty to combat the use of information and communications technologies for criminal purposes.

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Almost all people in custody around the world will be released in their lifetime. ICCLR corrections research and reports encourage long-term thinking through a human rights lens. Treatment and programming in corrections facilities can be developed to international best practices so that once prisoners are released they are much less likely to reoffend. ICCLR assists authorities use their limited resources for maximum effect in reducing recidivism particularly with regard to juvenile justice reforms.

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Restorative Justice

Well designed and administered restorative justice programming can reduce recidivism and improve confidence in the administration of justice. ICCLR Associates have developed many high level guides for restorative justice programming. Thanks to this work, governments interested in capturing the gains of restorative justice can now collaborate with ICCLR to create individualized restorative justice projects that maximize benefits of this approach at the lowest cost to the public.

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Access to Justice / Justice Efficiency

With reliable data and sound evidence-based policies governments can plan and implement development strategies to provide equal access to justice for all. In recent years ICCLR Associates have focused on measuring the impact of legal aid, and develop measurement frameworks for evaluating access to justice initiatives.

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Gender-Based Violence & Violence Against Children

Gender-based violence and violence against children are widespread and destructive. Female genital mutilation, child marriage, and homophobic and transphobic violence are pervasive in many parts of the world. ICCLR produces culturally aware, reliable research and provides strong evidence on best practices that are needed for ending violence against children and gender-based violence.

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