Identity-Related Crime Victim Issues: A Discussion Paper


February 1, 2009


Philippa Lawson





Identity-Related Crime Victim Issues: A Discussion Paper

This Discussion Paper was commissioned by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (“UNODC”) further to its 2004 study on “Fraud and the criminal misuse and falsification of identity” and its mandates arising from ECOSOC resolutions 2004/26 and 2007/20. Its purpose is to assist the UNODC in developing strategies and practical action for combating identity-related crime, improving communication between crime experts and victim experts, and identifying areas in need of further research regarding this form of crime. The discussion paper covers the range and types of victims of identity-related crime, the legal bases for victim remediation, and an inventory of state and private sector practices for victim support and remediation.


Philippa Lawson

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