Successful Strategies that Contribute to Safer Communities


April 1, 2007


Robert E Brown, Prof. Yvon Dandurand




Access to Justice / Justice Efficiency

Successful Strategies that Contribute to Safer Communities

This paper addresses the return from prison of the high risk for harm offenders to the community and will review some successful offender reintegration “strategies” that contribute to a safer community. We will provide examples of two types of strategies: strategies which focus on process and inter-agency collaboration and supervision and strategies which focus on providing support and assistance to the offenders. We will briefly present the Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) model which has been successfully implemented in both Canada and England. We will also review the lessons learned from two promising “process reform” strategies and highlight the benefits of enhanced interagency cooperation and coordination. We will conclude by trying to summarize the lessons learned with respect to transforming the way correctional agencies and the law enforcement and community partners are addressing the challenges of offender reintegration and contributing to effective crime prevention.


Robert E Brown

Prof. Yvon Dandurand

Senior Associate


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