Opportunities for Renewal in Sentencing and Corrections


April 1, 1995


Prof. Yvon Dandurand, Neville H. Avison




Access to Justice / Justice Efficiency

Opportunities for Renewal in Sentencing and Corrections

This consultation paper was prepared to serve as a focal point for the development of a program of work by the International Center for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy in cooperation with Correctional Services Canada and other national and international partners. It seeks to promote the practical implementation of universally recognized human values and principles applicable to sentencing and corrections. The proposed initiative will set in place a process to build on existing international and regional cooperation in the field of sentencing and corrections to promote enhanced forms of collaboration between jurisdictions. The initiative is based on the use of information exchange and other forms of mutual assistance, and is designed so that best practices in sentencing and corrections can be identified, assessed and transferred between jurisdictions, to the reciprocal advantage of all.


Prof. Yvon Dandurand

Senior Associate


Neville H. Avison

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