Championing Child Rights and Child Protection in Indonesia


January 1, 2015


United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund




Gender-Based Violence + Violence Against Children

Championing Child Rights and Child Protection in Indonesia

This case study is part of a UNICEF global initiative, undertaken in collaboration with Global Affairs Canada, to document national child protection frameworks in five core programming countries: Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Senegal and the United Republic of Tanzania. Information for this case study was collected over the period April 2014 to June 2015. A desk review of literature was undertaken, supplemented, where appropriate, by stakeholder consultations and meetings. During the development of the case study, the UNICEF country office in Indonesia conducted the first-ever independent evaluation of the child protection system in that country, engaging government, international and national non-governmental and academic partners in several provinces across the country. The findings of the evaluation informed the recommendations of this case study.


United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund

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