Prof. Neil Boyd

Simon Fraser University, School of Criminology

Neil Boyd is a professor in the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University, educated in psychology at the University of Western Ontario and in law at Osgoode Hall Law School. He is a previous director of the School of Criminology and the author of six books. His latest, A Thousand Dreams: Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and the Fight for Its Future, is co-authored with Senator Larry Campbell and journalist Lori Culbert.

He is a frequent media commentator on subjects related to criminology: specifically, drug law and policy and issues of criminal violence and homicide. He has written articles about drug markets, heroin treatment initiatives, injectable drug use, responding to the threats posed by homicide offenders, and the linkage between drug use and homicide.

His other books include: Big Sister: How Extreme Feminism Has Betrayed the Fight for Sexual Equality; The Beast Within: Why Men Are Violent; High Society: Legal and Illegal Drugs in Canada; Gently into the Night: Aggression in Long Term Care; and The Last Dance: Murder in Canada.; two textbooks, The Social Dimensions of Law, and Canadian Law: An Introduction (now in its 4th Edition), and many academic articles.