David Winkler, KC

Senior Associate

Called to the Bar of BC in 1968. Prosecuted for the City of Vancouver and the BC Attorney General Ministry Criminal Justice Branch (CJB) in all levels of court. Occupied various administrative positions within the CJB including Senior Administrator for prosecutions in the Superior Courts, Regional Crown Counsel and Director of Policy and Legislation. Appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1999. Was a member of the CCSO, the Federal, Provincial, Territorial Committee of Senior Officials responsible for coordinating inter-governmental activities relating to legal policy and legislation. Was a BC representative at the Uniform Law Conference of Canada and president of the Criminal Section. Appointed ADM Policy Planning and Legislation for BC AG and SG 2002-2004. After leaving government was a member of the CIDA sponsored ICCLR China project, a venture with the Chinese Prosecution service and carried out contracts with several Canadian prosecution Services. Former President of the BC Association of Police Boards.