On October 18-21, at the invitation of UNAFEI in Japan, Prof. Vincent Yang from ICCLR attended a series of events in Tokyo to discuss issues and promising practices for reducing reoffending together with representatives from several developing countries and experts from other PNIs. At a UNAFEI-hosted conference on “Enhancing Technical Assistance to Reduce Reoffending and Promote an Inclusive Society”, officials of the correctional services of Timor-Leste, Samoa, Cambodia, Kenya, and Brazil gave presentations on their systems, laws, practical issues and, in particular, the need for international technical assistance in this field. Experts from UNAFEI, TIJ, UNICRI, UNAFRI, ILANNUD, ICCLR, RWI, the Philippines, and Samoa discussed the relevant issues and shared opinions and information on best practices and lessons learned. Prof. Yang delivered a short presentation on CORCAN’s offender rehabilitation program, its positive results, and its challenges. UNAFEI will soon publish a report on behalf of the group of PNI experts. In addition, the experts were invited to visit correctional facilities in Tokyo and the Supreme Court of Japan. They also attended a symposium to celebrate the 60th anniversary of UNAFEI and the 40th anniversary of ACPF.

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