ICCLR Senior Associate Yvon Dandurand delivered a presentation on Disrupting or Confronting Organized Crime: The Role of Law Enforcement at the 24-hour Conference on Global Organized Crime on November 10, 2020. In his presentation, he shares insights on existing challenges and future considerations for law enforcement fighting various forms of organized crime.

Too little attention is given to the fact that most law enforcement strategies tend to be largely ineffective in controlling illicit markets, dismantling organized crime groups or preventing them from infiltrating and perverting legal markets. This, we all suspect, is due to the fact that the necessary law enforcement performance data do not exist. However, we may have reached a point where we have no choice but to reconsider what can reasonably be expected of law enforcement in terms of curtailing the exponential growth of organized crime. We need to formulate much more precisely what role the police and other law enforcement agencies can and must play in fighting various forms of organized crime. Law enforcement goals are routinely defined in terms of disrupting illicit markets or dislocating criminal networks. But what, we might ask, is the net impact of such disruption activities?

To view the transcript of the presentation, please click here.

Photo by Nastya Dulhiier on Unsplash.

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