Crime is a serious problem in any country. In developing nations like Ethiopia, responding to crime is even more of a challenge. Governments face increased barriers to success such as public health concerns, the need for infrastructure development and the potential for instability through conflict.

Working to overcome these challenges, and provide a safer community for its citizens the Government of Ethiopia committed to assessing and improving Ethiopian criminal justice policy. In order to realize the desired changes, however, extensive expertise in justice system evaluation and reform was required.

Working with the government of Ethiopia, ICCLR Associates, among others, helped to develop Ethiopia’s Criminal Justice Policy (2011). This document was a plan to assess and improve the criminal justice system in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. Once the plan was developed, ICCLR Senior Associates then continued work to implement various aspects of the policy. Alison MacPhail developed a code of conduct for judges. Maureen Maloney authored a report on Legal Aid. Vivienne Chin wrote reports on alternatives to imprisonment for children and for adults and assessed the Addis Ababa Remand Centre for Juveniles. Yvon Dandurand developed the national crime prevention strategy and provided advice on the national witness protection program. The government of Ethiopia and ICCLR are continuing to find ways to implement these and other expert analyses.

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