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ICCLR promotes the rule of law, human rights, and good governance in criminal law and the administration of criminal justice, domestically, regionally and globally.

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Areas of Focus


Gender-based violence and violence against children are widespread and destructive. Female genital mutilation, child marriage, and homophobic and transphobic violence are pervasive in many parts of the world. ICCLR produces culturally aware, reliable research and provides the strong evidence on best practices that is needed to end violence against children and gender-based violence.

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Cybercrimes such as online child exploitation, identity theft, fraud and hate speech are on the rise. ICCLR’s anti-cybercrime initiatives are centred around the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime, an international treaty, ratified by the Government of Canada and over 60 other States. Using this treaty as a foundation, ICCLR is working to assist justice system stakeholders to build capacity to fight cybercrime.

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Corruption drains trillions of dollars from the world economy every year in the form of bribes, tax evasion and money laundering. ICCLR Associates have significantly contributed to the state of anti-corruption efforts in Canada and internationally.

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Almost all people in custody around the world will be released in their lifetime. ICCLR corrections research and reports encourage long-term thinking through a human rights lens. Treatment and programming in corrections facilities can be developed to international best practices so that once prisoners are released they are much less likely to reoffend.

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ICCLR Associates have developed many high level guides for restorative justice programming. Thanks to this work, ICCLR has had significant success in assisting governments interested in capturing the gains of restorative justice to create individualized restorative justice projects that maximize benefits of this approach at the lowest cost to the public.

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Access to justice is the ability of people to seek and obtain legal remedies through justice institutions. In keeping with international human rights standards, ICCLR works to increase access to justice, particularly for marginalized groups. In recent years ICCLR Associates have focused on measuring the impact of legal aid, and develop measurement frameworks for evaluating access to justice initiatives.

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Our Work

ICCLR has been leading criminal law and criminal justice policy reform projects since 1991. In Canada and internationally, ICCLR offers programming oriented to technical co-operation that is consistent with United Nations international human rights standards and with Canada’s international development goals. ICCLR’s long history of successful partnerships with authorities and civil society organizations all over the world speaks to the quality of our work and to our ability to continue to assist governments in developing and sustaining healthy, safe communities.

Young Researchers

We welcome contributions from researchers engaged in criminal justice issues. To submit works of interest, please visit below:

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